“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

-Horace Mann


MAP/Media Awareness Project “Worldwide networked activists dedicated to drug policy reform”.

Resources for letter writing MAP’s Writer’s Resources.

AJR Newslink American Journalism Review. Links to local newspapers.


Methadone Federal Regulations

CSAT Accreditation Guidelines These are the guidelines which Opiate Treatment Programs must follow in order to obtain accreditation.

Treatment Locator SAMHSA locator for Opiate Treatment Programs.

CSAT/Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Develop treatment guidelines and protocols for the State Methadone Authorities.

SAMHSA/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Federal agency that oversees prevention and treatment of addiction and mental disorders.

NIDA/National Institute of Drug Abuse Oversees scientific research on drug abuse and addiction.

ADA-Home Home page for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

NCADI National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Information- can order free info from this site.

Medline Plus Health Information Database of research abstracts for the National Library of Medicine.

CSAT DPT CSAT’s Division of Pharmacologic Therapies

ONDCP Office of National Drug Control Policy

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions U.S. Dept. of Justice – FAQS about Narcotic Treatment Programs.

Methadone Advocacy Organizations

ARM Advocates for Recovery through Medicine.

SE Connecticut ARM Advocates for Recovery through Medicine of Connecticut.

DONT Home of Methadone Today.

Euro Methworks A European resource for methadone maintenance patients.

FL-NAMA Florida Methadone Advocates (in Spanish)

Methadone Patient Support and Community Education Project CSAT-Sponsored Patient Group

Methadone Maintenance Treatment Alliance – U.K. A great resource for U.K. MMT patients.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment in New Zealand The only MMT site for New Zealand.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment in Sweden Swedish site about MMT

NAMA National Alliance of Methadone Advocates.

Virginia Alliance of Methadone Advocates “Working cooperatively for greater public understanding and acceptance of methadone treatment.”


Buprenorphine Resources A.T. Watchdog’s collection of links to information about Suboxone/Subutex.

AA Deprogramming This is a great site for all of us that were brainwashed into believing that abstinence is the only way.

Addiction Science Wheeler Center for the Neurobiology of Addictions.

Addiction Treatment Forum Site about issues concerning Addiction Treatment.

ASAM/American Society of Addiction Medicine Their goal is to educate the medical community about substance abuse, and to improve treatment.

CARF Organization appointed by CSAT to oversee accreditation process of methadone clinics.

CAP-Center for Addiction Problems Dr. Marc Shinderman’s site. See Articles

Chemical Dependency Research Working Group Methadone Treatment Works: A Compendium For Methadone Maintenance Treatment.

Common Sense for Drug Policy Non-profit organization dedicated to expanding discussion on drug policy.

Drug Dependence Research Center Addiction research site at UCSF.

Drug Policy Alliance Drug Policy Alliance is an organization which publicizes alternatives to the failing War on Drugs.

Drug Reform Coordination Network A Drug Reform organization.

Drug Sense A Drug Reform organization-newsletter and alerts available pertaining to ending the War on Drugs.

Drug Testing Clearinghouse A resource for drug testing.

Harm Reduction Coalition Committed to reducing drug-related harm among individuals and communities.

INDRO Worldwide Travel Guide for MMT patients.

JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

NASADAD National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse

November Drug War Prisoners and their loved ones.

Dr. J.T. Payte’s web site The ‘Dear Doctor’ letter can be found on this site, along with other letter MMT patients will find useful.

Shaffer Drug Library DRCNET online library of Drug Policy.


Hepatitis C

The National Hepatitis C Advocacy Council “…formed in an effort to bring together the collective strengths of hepatitis C patient advocacy organizations.”

HOPE Collaboration of major MMT Advocacy Organizations to address Hepatitis C epidemic in IV drug-user and MMT communities.

CDC-Viral Hepatitis C Center for Disease Control

Hepatitis C Association HCV Education, Awareness and Support. Active Message Board.

HCV Advocate Current information about HCV and related topics.

The Hepatitis Information Network Another large Hep C site. Also has resources for other types of Hepatitis.

Hep Help Schering-Plough’s Rebetron information site.

Hepatitis C Resource Centers National Hepatitis C Program