Watchdog Stories

These are stories sent in by our readers. If you have a story you would like to share about yourself, your clinic, or someone else, please send to us at Watchdog Email.

It’s important that the story is not written in all caps or lower case letters. It’s too time-consuming for Watchdog staff members to edit stories that are submitted in this manner, and they probably won’t be posted. Please help us, to help you by taking the time to proofread your story before clicking the send button. Thanks.

red paw My Baby’s Story

red paw Jerry

red paw Jaide

red paw Meth Mom

red paw Gina

red paw Joe

red paw Dee

red paw Nicole-Pregnancy

red paw Michael

red paw Deb

red paw Terri-NH

red paw Anders

red paw Debbie

red paw Sean

red paw Judith

red paw Mark

red paw Amy

red paw Staci

red paw Donna

red paw Vickie

red paw Robert

red paw Eric

red paw Nicole

red paw Ginger

red paw Kelly

red paw Anita

red paw Stephanie

red paw Janet

red paw Eileen

red paw Paul

red paw Jason

red paw Pat

red paw Arik

red paw Anonymous

red paw Katie

red paw Cindy

red paw Drew

red paw Grandma

red paw John-Paul

red paw Robin

red paw Lee Ann

red paw Rick

red paw Maria

red paw Sheila

red paw Larry

red paw Melissa

red paw Ruth

red paw Brian

red paw Beth

red paw Gen-X

red paw In Love

red paw Annie

red paw Betsy

red paw Bill

red paw George

red paw Larry

red paw Rowdy

red paw Marty